Vaccination Resources: The Basics & Beyond

Downloadable Vaccination Resources: Quick Reference Tools & Forms

Quick Reference Tools

ABCs of Storage and
Handling Poster PDF

12" x 18"

This poster has tips for
keeping vaccines in the
recommended range
of temperature at all times.

Prep Room
Reminder Poster PDF

12" x 18"

This poster highlights
some general vaccine
administration guidelines.


Refrigerator Temperature
Log for Vaccines

°F Refrigerator Log PDF
°C Refrigerator Log PDF

This tool can be used to
document refrigerator

Freezer Temperature
Log for Vaccines

°F Freezer Log PDF
°C Freezer Log PDF

This tool can be used
to document freezer

Vaccine Inventory
Control Log PDF

This tool can be used to do a
regular inventory of vaccines
and diluents.

Vaccine Storage Equipment
Failure Worksheet PDF

Use this worksheet to help collect
information prior to contacting
your health department or
vaccine manufacturers.

Checklist for Proper Vaccine
Handling and Storage PDF

This checklist provides a selection
of important practices related to
vaccine handling and storage.

In-office Checklist for
Vaccine Administration
and Recordkeeping PDF

This tool can help your practice
ensure that your vaccination
service operates smoothly.

Skills Checklist for
Vaccine Administration PDF

This checklist contains a
selection of important skills
and practices related to vaccine
administration that can be
used as an assessment tool
for health care staff who
administer vaccines.

Screening Questionnaires

Adult PDF Child/Teen PDF

This tool can be used to screen
patients for contraindications and
precautions prior to vaccination.


Use this document to report any
adverse event that the patient
experiences following the


Assessment Worksheet PDF

This tool can help you evaluate
current vaccination rates.

Feedback Worksheet PDF

This tool can help plan
improvement strategies and
provide relevant information
to staff, such as current
vaccination rates.

Exchange Worksheet PDF

This tool can help you follow
up with your staff to monitor
and support ongoing
vaccination improvement

CDC=Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
VIS=Vaccine Information Statements.
VAERS=Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.