Challenge Your Generational IQ: How Well DO You Know Your Patients' Ethos?

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PhAVE Talk Video Series

PhAVE Talk Video Series

PhAVE Talks are educational talks presented by pharmacists and other experts in the field. These inspiring and innovative presentations focus on current issues facing pharmacists and their staff. Additionally, PhAVE Talks provide tips on successfully meeting today’s challenges and advancing vaccination strategies in the pharmacy.

PhAVE Talks support the Merck Adult Vaccination Program for Pharmacists in its goal to help expand access to adult vaccines within communities and to aid in year-round vaccination programs at local pharmacies.

Challenge Your Generational IQ:

How Well Do You Know
Your Patients’ Ethos?

Full Video [14:43]

Speaker: Meagan Johnson is a generational expert, speaker, and author.

An expert presents insights on generational differences that impact consumers and their approach to health care. See how understanding generational views can make a meaningful difference when connecting with patients.

Video Vignettes

See highlights from this talk.

How Well Do You Know Your Millennial Patients’ Ethos? [3:26]
See where millennials look for information on health and vaccines.
How Well Do You Know Your Baby Boomer Patients’ Ethos? [2:48]
Learn different ways baby boomers connect for health care services.
How Well Do You Know Your Generation X Patients’ Ethos? [3:02]
View insights on where Gen Xers go for preventive health information.

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