Vaccination Strategies

Guide your vaccination process with ideas for improvement.

COVID-19 Resources to use with your patients

Resources that will help educate your patients on COVID-19.

What to say to families during the COVID-19 pandemic
PDF sharing usable sentences for patient recall initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Template Communication to Families
Letter template to use to help recall pediatric and adolescent patients during the pandemic.
Template Communication to Patients
Letter template to help recall patients, including adult patients.
Getting Patients Caught Up May Not Be Easy. These HIT Strategies Might Help
PDF giving a few HIT (Health Information Technology) strategies to help get patients back to the office during the pandemic.

Other COVID-19 Resources

Additional resources for guidance in maintaining patient well care during COVID-19.

HCP-Generated Ideas for Process Improvement

Case Study Compilation
This compilation of Case Studies offers examples of Integrated Delivery Systems’ approaches to improving their vaccination rates.
Case Study: The MetroHealth System
This case study details learnings by the MetroHealth System where using an HIT vision, strategy, technology, and an implementation framework helped them meet their system’s goals.
Case Study: Geisinger Health System
In 2016, Geisinger met Healthy People 2020 goals for all ACIP-recommended adolescent and adult vaccinations.

Employer Resources

Employee Preventive Health Care | Focus on Vaccination
An educational toolkit for you and your staff that includes an overview of employee preventive health care and strategies for educating employees and encouraging vaccination.
How to Host a Vaccination Event
A checklist for businesses and employers to consider
11″ x 17″ Adult Vaccination Event Poster
This poster will help promote an on-site vaccination event and may encourage your employees to take advantage of the opportunity.

Employee Reminders

electronic: download as a pdf or html

The html version will open in a separate browser window. Under Edit, click “Select All.” Simply copy and paste into a new email.

Because Your Health is Important…
This resource may help remind your employees to stay current with their vaccinations.

PDF: Because Your Health is Important…
It’s Time to Take Charge of Your Health!
This resource may help remind your employees to schedule appointments and stay up to date on preventive services such as: vaccinations, blood work, and screenings.

PDF: It’s Time to Take Charge of Your Health!

Vaccination Resources

The Basics & Beyond
A tool for good vaccination practices that highlights some general vaccine administration guidelines and shares vaccination strategies.
Skills Checklist for Vaccine Administration
This checklist contains a selection of important skills and practices related to vaccine administration that can be used as an assessment tool for health care staff who administer vaccines.

Pharmacy Resources

View additional pharmacy support tools.


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