About Merck Adult Vaccination Program

The Merck Adult Vaccination Program Helps Expand Access to Adult Vaccines Within Your Community and Helps Your Pharmacy Establish a Year-Round Adult Vaccination Program

The Merck Adult Vaccination Program helps expand access to adult vaccines within your community and helps your pharmacy establish a year-round adult vaccination program.

Merck Adult Vaccination Program for Pharmacists is a resource built especially to help pharmacists build their vaccination business.

It offers resources for both you, the pharmacist, and your pharmacy customers and vaccine patients, including:

  • Vaccination resources for patients and physicians
  • Guidance on implementing your pharmacy’s vaccination program
  • Educational materials and resources for the pharmacy staff, including helpful support tools like forms and letters, health care information technology, and reimbursement information
  • A Pharmacy Insiders video library with several categories of videos to help you
  • A searchable pharmacy locator map, to which you can add your pharmacy, so potential customers can find you


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